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The weave and handle of this fragment is typical of the chunky carpets with square knots dated to the Ming period and attributed to the imperial looms of Beijing (for example, see: Glanz der Himmelssöhne: Kaiserliche Teppiche aus China 1400-1750, plates 2-4 and 6). Most likely it is the oldest pile rug with the tiger (and leopard) pelt pattern. The execution of the design is also quite similar to the way it appears on Ming silk velvets. It was retrieved in Inner Mongolia.




Beijing, Northern China
Owned by Alberto Levi Gallery, Milan

Age: Ming Dynasty, 16th century
Format: 120 x 20 cm (47 x 8 in)
Knot count: 5 H x 4 V = 20 kpsi
Colours: Light yellow, dark brown (2)
Condition: Fragmentary with the four sides sewn under and originally conserved on a light blue cotton fabric. Browns are partially corroded.

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