This unusual Kuba reveals the knotter’s vivid imagination and attention to detail in the design. The main border shows a rather realistic rendering of a flowering vine, while the centre field impresses with its geometric arrangement and design. White contour lines cover the ground like tiles and forms hexagons.  Smaller hexagons with a highly formalised tree of life motif are imbedded within the design.

This Kuba combines a strict geometric design with a floral depiction and is thus an outstanding example of how appealing combining opposite elements can be. The rug was purchased from Schürmann in the late-1970s and was part of a private collection until last year. It was published in U. Schürmann‚ “Teppiche aus dem Orient” (Rugs and Carpets from the Orient), p. 173.




Kuba, East Caucasus
Property of Lerch Teppich, Munich

Format: 100 x 118 cm (approx. 3‘ 3“ x 3‘ 11“)
Age: mid-19th century
Condition: Excellent. Firm handle and
knotting typical of Kuba pieces

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