Based on the results of field research conducted by Robert H. Nooter, this brocaded flat-weave is from the area of Tavush in the southern Kazak region. Silehs from this region with a green and red ground are extremely rare. The flat-weave has a fine weave with no signs of use. A special quality feature is the green dye with indigo, which never would have been possible without lightfast yellow. The saturated madder dye is also noteworthy. This flat-weave was most certainly a dowry piece and is in perfect condition. Bibliography: Robert H. Nooter, Flatwoven Rugs and Textiles from the Caucasus, Surrey/England, 2004.


Sileh (Zili), Central Caucasus,
southern Kazak region
Property of ExOriente, Germany

Age: 2nd half of the 19th century
Format: 268 x 157 cm (approx. 8‘ 10“ x 5‘ 2“)
Warp: wool warp dyed red and green
Colours: saturated natural colours
Weft: sheep’s wool dyed red and green,
slight emphasis on the warp
Brocading: flat-weave with sileh brocading
In outstanding condition

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