Feraghan Iran

This tree of life rug comes from the important, well-known Persian weaving centre of Farahan. Three borders in yellow and red with tendrils and flowers surround the magnificently designed centre field with a dark-blue ground. The rug has fine weaving with around 450,000 knots per square metre. This fineness allows for the extremely detailed depiction of an imaginative panoptic vision. Around a tree of life in a prayer niche, a colourful world of animals, plants and grotesque legends unfolds. The trunk of the tree acts as the centre axis for symmetrically reflecting the design. The Persian coat of arms with the sun and lion flank the bottom of the trunk. In the centre field, two dervishes observe the action. There are also parrots in a nest feeding their chicks. The central motif is the tree of life, an important religious symbol in Islam that acts as an allegory for life. Rising from the earth to the heavens, it symbolises the connection between human beings and the divine.

Property of: Mischioff AG, Zurich
Size: 201 x 134 cm
Age: around 1850 to 1880
Condition: very good
Basic weave: cotton
Pile: wool

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