Belutsch Western Afghanistan

Baluch tribes settled in north-eastern Persia and western Afghanistan. Their work is fascinating due to its wide range: in addition to knotted rugs, flat-weaves, bags and cushions, they also made trappings.

This piece is a trapping from western Afghanistan that was knotted at the end of the 19th century. The piece depicts a repeated pattern made of small geometric cubes, which join together to form ten large tiered diamonds and are surrounded by a pinnacle border. The piece impresses with its vivid colours. There are three different shades of blue: a deep dark blue, a warm indigo blue and a bright sky blue. The woven ends are completely preserved.

The trapping arrived in Hamburg by way of an Afghani merchant, who acquired the piece at a local rug bazaar in Kabul. According to the previous owner, it had hung on a wall in a clay house in northwest Afghanistan for the last 60 years, which would explain its excellent condition.

Property of: Najib, Hamburg
Size: 85 x 20 cm
Age: late 19th centruy
Condition: very good
Basic weave: wool
Weft: wool