Zili Kazak region

The Carpet Museum of Azerbaijan in Baku displays silehs with similar designs from various villages in the central Caucasus. According to studies by Asya Shiralieva, these brocaded flat-weaves are from the village of Peykanli in the northern Kazak region along the Kura River. Vahram Tatykian reports about silehs with similar designs from the Lori-Tavush-Shamshadin Kazak region. John T. Wertime has attributed similar weavings to the region of Karabagh (Karabakh). The flat-weave shows no signs of use and was made with a rare, fine texture. Bibliography: Robert H. Nooter, Flatwoven Rugs and Textiles from the Caucasus, Surrey/England 2004.

Property of: ExOriente, Waldbrunn
Size: 290 x 184 cm
Age: 2nd half 19th century
Condition: outstanding
Warp: wool
Weft: wool