Belutsch Central Asia

Green is an extremely rare dominant colour in Baluch woven and knotted pieces. It is most likely to be found in so-called Mashwani (also Mushwani) rugs or in pieces with symmetrical knots. In this unusually sized piece, the green shimmers in rich contrast to the complementary red. The trees of life are lined up close together and the consistent camel-coloured background makes it seem as though their leaves are moving. The use of so much camel hair is very rare since it was considered sacred and thus used quite sparingly. In fact, all of the wool is marvellously silky. Despite the many little scattered motifs, the rug has an even, clear composition. The small depictions of animals on the bottom edge are also especially interesting and charming.

Property of: Lerch Teppich Exklusiv, Munich
Size: 222 x 145 cm
Age: early 19th century
Condition: very good
Basic weave: wool
Pile: wool