Anatolisches Fragment Western Anatolia

A very rare and early Anatolian rug distinguished by a large cruciform medallion flanked by star octagon motifs as well as by squelch-like motifs in the corners. Rugs of this type are featured in the ‘Orient Stars’ collection. In particular, the inner guard stripe is identical to that of the so-called ‘Eskenazi Early Animal Carpet’ (Orient Stars, London 1993, p.15), which has been Carbon dated to the 12th/14th Century. It is also present on a carpet with a large octagonal medallion and pendants con served in the Islamic Museum of Berlin (BOIM n. I.4, published in V. Gantzhorn, ‘The Christian Oriental Carpet‘, Köln 1991, plate 294 p. 191).The pinched octagon border contains a cruciform device similar to two other Orient Stars examples ( plate 169 p. 245 and plate 188 p. 295). This motif is employed as a field element in another early rug discovered in Tibet (plate 185 p. 295). It is also contained within the profile of a double niche on another early Turkish rug (plate 200, p. 317).

Property of: Alberto Levi Gallery, Milano
Size: 180 x 120 cm
Age: 15th century