Heriz Northwest Persia

This cloth-like silk Heriz is an exquisite example of Persian knotted artistry. The soft light blue in the background and the shimmering shades of orange and red give a majestic overall impression. The central tree of life is surrounded by flowers in a filigree prayer niche. The elegant design and the borders surrounding the field contribute to this piece’s harmonious appearance. The unusual head-like depiction at the base of the tree of life deserves particular mention. The head varies between a demon and horned animal head with bright red eyes. Its beard whiskers segue into the roots of the tree, its contours blending with the flowering vines. You can look through the blaze with the third eye on its forehead. Although there are no other living creatures, this piece belongs to the small group of Heriz rugs depicting imaginative mythological scenes.

Property of: Lerch Teppich, Munich
Size: 182 x 148 cm
Age: mid-19th century
Condition: well preserved
Basic weave: silk
Pile: silk